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Research by the NSPCC reports that 59% of Tinder users have seen content on Tinder they would deem unsuitable for children, and 50% of teens polled in a Net Aware survey had been exposed to sexual material on the app.

Of course, kids have also taken a dip in the adult Tinder pool by lying about their age, as several Reddit threads report.

Online dating is seedy enough without it being a breeding ground for sexual predators and rebellious teenagers, and Tinder’s decision reflects policies already in place by one of their competitors, Bumble, and other dating sites such as Ok Cupid and, which all enforce an adults-only restriction.

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After all, what would secondary school be like without those awkward pubescent IRL classmate crushes?

Tinder will still be there when you turn 18, so leave online dating for your post-uni years and enjoy real human connections while you still can.

I've been looking and I can't seem to find any.

I've been single for about a year and a half and have been looking for some one to date and where I live its not a good place....

I just want to find a date and have a stedy relationship with someone who won't treat me like I'm trash.