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“We wanted to give people the opportunity to connect with us on a personal basis, to let them know we are more than just eyes behind a burqa.

Love is the great connector.” The two women put out a call for submissions using professional networks, Facebook, Twitter and personal blog sites. * * * Last week in a French coffee shop in Northwest Washington, Najva Sol described the tumultuous years that led to her decision to contribute to “Love, Insh Allah.” Sipping butternut squash soup, she looked as if she had stepped off the cover of Elle.

She wore a pale blue oxford shirt that peeked over the neck and cuffs of a gray argyle sweater.

White suspenders crossed her shoulders, attached to black pants.

Najva Sol remembers her anxiety three years ago when she arranged to meet her mother and father in a Rockville coffee shop to reveal a truth she had been keeping from them.