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On the open road, the Accord Sedan tracks straight and true, and the variable-ratio power steering works much better here requiring only the slightest inputs when correcting course.

But, sales lost to customers seeking these options pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of Accord Sedan buyers who snap up every domestically produced Honda Accord they can get their hands on.

The 2012 Accord Sedan combines outstanding value, excellent driving dynamics, a roomy and comfortable passenger cabin, and sporty styling vaguely similar to some BMW sedans.

If your budget says "simple family sedan," but your brain says "I deserve better," you'll probably find the Accord sedan can satisfy both needs.

If you seek to drive something a bit less common (Honda sells about 400,000 Accord Sedans a year) or with a powerful turbocharged engine, all-wheel-drive (AWD) ability or a hybrid-electric powertrain, you might be happier shopping for a Kia Optima, Ford Taurus or Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Those looking to get the most car for the least money will find a loaded Hyundai Sonata Limited offers more feature (such as heated rear seats unavailable on the Accord) for less money.