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And when she declared that mourning nationally should be for “the longest term in modern times”, it became not just a ritual but a fashion.

Ironically, dressmakers and jewellers had a field day (as, no doubt, did undertakers).

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I’m on a diet, so there’ll be no stuffing myself with turkey, Christmas pudding and brandy butter or lashings of ginger beer this festive season.

Thankfully we’ll be on a beach, so the temptation won’t even be there, which is just as well because will power was never my strong point.

It’s one of the reasons why I don’t fancy a winter cruise.

According to reports that filter back from various other family members who have tried it, most of the time is spent in one or other on-board restaurant.

Apparently, we’re told, it’s quite possible to eat right around the clock. In 1947, dinner in First Class aboard the Cunard White Star flagship RMS Queen Elizabeth went as follows: for starters, it was oysters on the half shell, followed by clear turtle soup, turbot for the fish course and timable of ham.