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When we talk of sexy then the first person to come to my mind is Cameron Diaz I mean who cannot remember all that sexiness back in the early 20s.She featured in the Mask with Jim Carrey and that’s when I started developing Cameron’s fetish.Then there was Charlie Angels, Ohh lord who would not want to see the other side of these angels especially Cameroon whose eyes could directly send you to the dungeons of forever lusting.

Yes, it was paramount I see this sexy eyed creature naked by all means and thanks to the paparazzi and her nude scenes in movies my desires came to pass.

Back while she was 18, Cameroon Diaz did some sort of a soft porn video BDSM scene.

You can see the scenes from the video below and yes that her.

There is no way I can mistake that sweet beckoning voice and ohhh yes her juicy tities.

While the murder victims aren’t terribly sympathetic, their murderers aren’t especially likable either — so by the time they cross paths with a Limbaugh-esque conservative pundit (played by Ron Perlman), loyalties to either ideological extreme have been tested. Nothing groundbreaking, obviously, but gave Diaz a chance to show off her gift for goofy comedy after a few darker films — and its $299 million gross didn’t hurt her bankability, either.