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As a member of Team EG and one of the very first Japanese pro-gamers, Momochi has been through countless battles and tournaments across Japan and overseas, making him an accomplished player that no one should take lightly. The spectacular Frenchman brought home the first EVO crown in French history this summer, but refused to rest on his laurels and instead embarked on a 5 month quest to absolutely DOMINATE the European Street Fighter scene.

With numerous characters in his bag of tricks, all played at the highest of levels, it will be exciting to see who he decides to use at Capcom Cup. A one point, hardly a week passed by where Luffy winning another stacked tournament.

The Player of the Year in 2012 with victories at EVO 2012 and the SF25th Anniversary Series, Infiltration makes his return to the grand stage of Street Fighter IV after missing out at last year's Capcom Cup. Even his long time rivals in the community have failed to take him down as of late, so Luffy enters Capcom Cup as the undeniable favorite to win the whole thing.

Best known for his technical and precise Akuma play, Infiltration surprised many this season with his mastery of a number of other characters as well. Playing Rose to absolute perfection, expect to see the Soul Power on display as Luffy sets up for yet another trophy to add to his ever growing collection.

One thing is for sure: he will be a matchup nightmare for whoever is unfortunate enough to face him in the bracket. Although less known compared to Luffy, his fellow French countryman, Valmaster has proved that he has the skills necessary to take on the best the world has to offer.