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It supports MSN, Yahoo and AIM, but it doesn't support my dear Pidgin, it's a pity.I have to make the installation of the emoticons folder manually, no problem to me, but less experienced users may have troubles with that, and Pidgin is lovely.

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Skype emotions dirty: We have compiled a list of dirty Skype emoticons, these emoticons used in Skype chat are considered as dirty because they can hurt the emotions of others. Skype emoticon is a quite popular way of expressing your feelings and emotions in your text messaging on Skype, it helps you to convey your message to next person which you can’t write in alphabetical way.

Each emoticon has its own unique code, and many emoticons can be generated with more than one code each code will work same as the other one.

We have here provided all the dirty Skype emoticons in the list provided below with their codes and the expression which they depict and used by people to express their feelings.

You just have to enter the code in your chat box and send it to the next person, in the chat history box you will see the working emoticon which you chooses for your friend.

Come and check out our bad boy emoticon collection. You can share them with your friends on Facebook, MSN, Skype, emails or whatever way ...


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