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Meanwhile, APink is going to release "Pink Revolution" on September 26.

APink Unveils Group Photos For 'Pink Revolution' When G-Dragon's private photos leaked and reports surfaced that he and Nana are allegedly dating, Japan Livedoor News reports that various officials from the entertainment industry claim that Nana is actually involved in dating scandal with famous Japanese actor Masaki Suda.

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Kpop fans are getting more and more considerate in gifting their bias groups and Seventeen fans, Carats take it to another level by building a little forest to commemorate Seventeen's 1st anniversary.

To make it possible, Carats all over the world raised funds through donations and collaborated with "Tree Planet" under "Star Forest Project", where fans participated to raise funds in building an eco-friendly forest under the name of their star.

Seventeen Forest is built in Neimenggu, China, a area where there is an expanding desert and yellow dust is spreading.

When there is a sandstorm, it carries the dust containing toxic substances to nearby regions like Korean and Japan.

Planting trees in this area is a solution to solve the spreading of yellow dust.


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    Le buddleia costituiscono una famiglia di circa cento arbusti, sia sempreverdi che decidui, originari dell'Asia e del sud Africa, diffusi anche in Europa e nel continente Americano.

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    Cash is a first-generation Iranian-Canadian sweetheart who occasionally yells things into the phone like, "You may as well bend me over a table, bro!

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    Catering for all ability levels, qualified instructors teach two ski lessons on the full‐day programme and one lesson on the half‐day programme.

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