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He was noted for his exceptional grasp of fiqh, and is said to have laid its foundations. His list of teachers is very extensive, and his list of pupils a roll-call of honour.

Sahl ibn Muzahim said, “Abu Hanifah’s knowledge was universal knowledge.” Ash-Shafi’ee said, “In fiqh people are the needy dependents of Abu Hanifah.” Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani He is Abu ‘Abdullah Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Farqad al-Shaybani.

Muhammad was born in Wasit in 132 AH, and grew up in Kufa. Imam Shafi’i said, “I have not seen anyone more eloquent than him.

Hafiz Riyad Ahmad al-Multani The explanatory footnotes to this text are the work of the contemporary scholar Hafiz Riyad Ahmad from Multan in Pakistan.

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The Kitab al-Athar of Imam Abu Hanifah in the narration of Imam Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan ash-Shaybani.


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