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Joyce didn’t claim to know definitely why that should be so, but she speculated that one factor was the spontaneity of the performances.“We filmed a show once, and we did it with an audience,” she told me.

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When Joyce Randolph marked her 90th birthday recently, I took a glance at the Wikipedia article about her to see how recently it had been updated.

Among the things I read there was that she was recruited to play Trixie Norton in Jackie Gleason’s series after Gleason saw her doing a commercial for Clorets, which was a chlorophyl gum on the order of Chicklets.

That isn’t what she told me when I visited her at her Central Park West apartment in 1976.

On that occasion, she said that she had first been hired by Gleason to appear in a serious sketch he insisted on performing on his comedy-variety show, “Gleason liked to write for the show or suggest things to the writers,” Joyce told me.

“This time he wanted to do a serious sketch about a down-in-the-heels vaudevillian who meets a woman he loved many years before.