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It is submitted in this connection that that provision is clearly invalid because it is at odds with the principle of social distribution of expenditure necessary for the furtherance of public interests However, it cannot and must not condone the use of techniques that are at odds with the development of the rule of law, with development of the construction of the EU as a legal entity, a community that must have a clear hierarchy of rules: a set of Treaties - which I still call constitutional, despite everything - laying down the fundamental laws, and EU legislation covering all areas where the EU must play its role, while naturally observing the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity but maintaining the Union's competences and establishing the legislative action to be taken, reserving for the purposes of execution instruments such as this open method of coordination or any other instrument the Commission may feel has to be adopted to achieve the EU's objectives.

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The frivolousness of the European Commission in this matter is very much at odds with the seriousness with which it produces new texts on food safety, which at times impose so many restrictions on Community producers that it is sometimes no longer viable for them to continue to operate.

Frywolność Komisji Europejskiej w tej sprawie kłóci się z powagą, z jaką wydaje kolejne przepisy dotyczące bezpieczeństwa żywności, na mocy których wprowadza czasami tak wiele ograniczeń na producentów wspólnotowych, że czasami prowadzenie działalności przestaje być dla nich opłacalne.

The Committee on Budgets also shared our concern about the use of the unallocated part of the money in the cohesion area for additional funding of other projects, such as the European Institute of Technology, on the strength of a decision by the Council that would be at odds with the principle of cohesion and would also deplete the European Parliament's prerogatives.

Komisja Budżetowa podzieliła także nasz niepokój co do wykorzystywania niepodzielonej części środków w zakresie spójności na dodatkowe finansowanie innych projektów, takich jak na przykład Europejski Instytut Technologiczny i to na mocy decyzji Rady, co stałoby w sprzeczności z zasadą spójności, a także uszczupliłoby prerogatywy Parlamentu Europejskiego.

It would, I believe, be incomprehensible and unacceptable were the future of Europe to be held back, were it to be blocked by a personal opinion that totally disregards and stands at odds with the majority of the relevant parliament.