Online dating scams articles about love

So, the magical world of Russian and Ukrainian online dating does provide a really good side benefit.

However, in order to truly succeed in finding the right woman, one must be knowledgeable of any and all possible situations.

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Nevertheless the list with red flags is never-ending; there are countless signs of dishonesty, betrayal, scam and insincerity to watch out for.

Thus, I decided to gather five more warning signs and present them on Ukrainian Dating There are no personal questions coming from her end.

Say you are chatting with Anastasia, this wonderful woman from Kiev, online. You are getting along better than anything else either of you has been through. Second, she already has a (mostly Russian / Ukrainian) man in her life. Your Russian / Ukrainian woman never replies if you asks her something. Secondly, she is just not that into you (you are just some kind of backup – for all cases).

Now, let’s say that you go to look for Anastasia on social media (,, and come up with nothing. I am sure that most people who get involved with online dating have some sort of social media account. One, your woman doesn’t actually exist (she is a fake). In fact, she comes up with some excuse to avoid the conversation. One, she is not real (again a professional pro-dater and scammer). Remember the chick flick movie “ Does your woman from Russia or Ukraine start to reveal very delicate information about her past (domestic violence, rape, robbery, abortion, etc.)?

As for me, this would make more sense if the two of you have been dating for a long time and meeting in person already.