Online dating scams scammers stories

Many dating sites are pretty secretive about their data, especially as regards the size of their membership base.

I remember watching a CNBC TV show about online dating. It shows data I generated from the membership base of my own dating site, Asian Love Connections.

A guy from e Harmony was interviewed, and he was […] Are dating sites depressing? The chart shows the number of profile views each member of the site has received.

If you’re looking for a partner of Indian origin then one of the top online dating sites is Indian Cupid.

Here’s some information about Indian Cupid, and how this dating site can help you find your dream partner online. Pretty soon, I realised that scammers would be a huge problem.

Indian Cupid is specifically designed to allow NRI Indians the chance to meet potential partners online. So I made it my total priority to keep them off my site!

In this article I’ll share with you the solutions I put in place to keep the site scammer free.

[…] The Internet is rapidly becoming THE place to meet new people and start new relationships.