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” Vainy lectures Cynthia, incredulous at her immature desperate plan.Cynthia doesn’t begin to care: “But Gustavo just lost a child that was his biggest dream.

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In one of their many convos, Vainy shocks Cynthia by admitting that even though she won’t get to enjoy it herself, yes, she loves Rogelio so much that she wants him to be able to walk again.

Cynthia shocks Vainy when she announces that she stopped using birth control once she and Goose married: she has every intention of trapping Goose by means of a child.

Cynthia doesn’t seem to be thinking about the fact that any child she conceives is just as likely to be fathered by Efraín.

In the hospital room Rogelio is all excited already. Ernesto tries to calm him down as he doesn’t want Rogelio and AP to get ahead of themselves.

There are more tests that have to be done and the end result isn’t a guarantee.