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Many banks will hold foreign cards at a main branch for you; at least one destroys all foreign cards found in the machine. That’s why villa rentals specify the electricity wattage: 7700W will enable you to run a bazillion air-conditioners, plus pool, plus electronics, plus watt-guzzling electric kettle, washing machine, water heaters, American-style fridge, at least when they’re not broken, but you will pay many, many times more per unit used than a local Balinese family running some lights, a couple of fans and a fridge.

A couple could rent a kos, the bedsit-type apartments the majority of Balinese live in, for 500,000 rupiah (under $50) a month, plus a motorbike for another 500,000; or they could spend millions on an ocean-view megavilla, and run multiple cars and drivers. Roads change name apparently at random, often indicated only by the small print at the bottom of shop signs, then change back again; street numbers perform bizarre leaps – 5, 17, 35, 999x, 73; roads are routinely closed for ceremonies; signage is limited; Apple and Google maps are a waste of space; even the Periplus print map has its moments; and a typical Balinese direction goes, “Straight, straight, straight then left at the banyan tree.”Where there are street signs, however, they run perpendicular to the road they are naming, rather than parallel to it as in Anglo cultures. Whether you’re renting for one year, three years, 20 years, or 50 years, the money is paid upfront. You might be able to finagle X amount upfront followed by Y in three months, or, for longer leases, taper a 30-year payment over three years, but if you take a property for a year, you pay for the year upfront.

A solo chap could spend hundreds on fine dining, imported wines and expensive women or eat from local warungs for under a dollar. If you take land for 20 years, you pay two decades cash down.

Families can shop at local markets for rice and veggies and put their kids in the local Indonesian primary, or head to delis for imported charcuterie and cheese and drop tens of thousands of dollars on a top-end international school. There is no fixed answer, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to spend more money than you thought you would. There are some monthly rentals – apart from kos, usually small tourist cottages or expat-operated villas – but you typically pay up to 50% over the yearly market price for the privilege, or more in high season. has good deals on guesthouses to stay in while you’re checking out areas, or you could sign up with Air BNB.

Bintang beer is cheap, at around IDR25,000 (US$2) for 660ml in a store.

Swingeing import taxes mean that wines, spirits and liqueurs cost four to five times what they would back home: rough wine produced on Bali from Australian grape must starts at around IDR160,000 (US$13) in a shop, while imported South African, Chilean or Australian wines cost double that. There is currently no official limit to the number of times you can enter Bali on a tourist visa.