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Research has shown that young men are more likely to use condoms if they have easier access to them at places like youth centres and Further Education colleges." Concern about teenage pregnancies was revived this year when Chantelle Steadman, 15, of Hailsham, East Sussex, gave birth to a daughter.The father was originally thought to have been Alfie Patten, 12 at the time of conception.

Figures show that between 19 teenage pregnancy rates fell by 12.3 per cent in the area.

Earlier this year it emerged the number of teenage pregnancies in England and Wales had risen, making it unlikely the government will miss its target of halving the rate by 2010.

The Office for National Statistics data showed there were 41.9 conceptions per 1,000 15 to 17 year olds in 2007 - up from 40.9 the year before.

In an attempt to remind kids to wrap it before they tap it, Leicester has looked to videogames for inspiration for its latest ad campaign.

There are plenty of good reasons for a guy to wear a condom before gettin' freaky with a lady (or a dude) - your chances of getting an STI are significantly lowered, for one, and then there's that whole "pregnancy" thing that's probably best avoided until you plan for it.