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Fait maison Cuisine de saison Après avoir crée le Restaurant Monteleone à Paris, le Chef Massimo Solinas, originaire de Sardaigne et diplomé de l’Ecole d’hôtellerie de son île en 1991, s’installe à Strasbourg pour vous proposer une cuisine conçue avec des produits frais et de saison, typiques d’une terre riche en traditions culinaires séculaires.

Sarda River forms part of the border between the nations of India and Nepal.

It is called the Mahakali River in Nepal and Kali Gad by local pahari people .

After leaving the border, the river flows southeast across the Ganges basin until it merges into the Ghaghara River, an affluent of the Ganges.

India has proposed building a dam across the Sarda in Nepalese territory, but this plan has proven controversial.

The Sarda originates from the Greater Himalayas at Kalapaani (there is a long lingering dispute over territory with Nepal) at an altitude of 3600 m, in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, India, joins with the Gori Ganga at Jauljibi, which in turn joins the Saryu River at Pancheshwar.

(The area around Pancheshwar is called 'Kali Kumaon').

No large tributary joins the Sarda between Upper Sarda and Lower Sarda barrages in India.