The first kid dating site

UNTIL THEY COMPLETE THEIR PROFILE (BY CLICKING ON EDIT PROFILE), I WOULD NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. You can even do a search based on a person's answers to these sensitive questions involving sex, money and kids.

For example, you can specifically search for not only the ordinary stuff like weight/height/etc, but more importantly, you can simultaneously search for a person that would have an abortion if they accidentally got pregnant, or for somebody that believes coupons are acceptable, or somebody that believes the female shouldpay a particular percentage of the time.5. It has quickly grown faster and larger than I had ever anticipated.

I even met/communicated with virtually every matchmaking service in the country.

I received prices from several hundred to $25,000 for them to try and find a childfree match for me. As you will quickly discover, this system spends very little time on finding out trivial information like most other dating sites (i.e.

Long story short, I ended up creating this site myself. I couldn't care less if you like boating more than knitting.). I have NEVER ever had anybody walk into my office and declare that they want a divorce because of a difference of hobbies or some other immaterial issue.

Instead, the vast majority of time the divorces are sought because of primarily three issues: sex, money and kids.

Hence, these 3 particular issues are specifically addressed.3.