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The information is broken down into an easy to access format.Fact check by exploring a specific candidate or dive into one topic.Annenberg Public Policy Center – Flack Check Billed as the “Lighter Side” of Fact Check, this resource presenter the Annenberg Fact Check information in a more visual presentation.

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Pew Research Center – Political Party Quiz A 12 question quiz that places the quiz taker’s responses on an easy to understand political spectrum.

View results based on the overall responses, economic or social issues.

Results can also be compared to the Pew survey data on: Party, Age, Sex, Race, Religion & Candidate Pew Research Center – Who Votes, Who Doesn’t Vote and Why A short two page article that explores through Pew Research data, voting behavior in the U. The easy to read tables of data are perfect for classroom use on a discussion of voting behavior.

Pew Research Center – Campaign 2012 A great one-stop location for nearly every critical topic associated with the 2012 campaign.

Articles, graphics, video and data allow students to access the issues in multiple formats.


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